I got the news you don’t want to hear after waiting anxiously for a week for your CT scan result. “It’s grown, and spread”

First Reaction was shock! WTF – how has it gone from stable in July to Spread and grown in September whilst undergoing chemo that was supposedly keeping it stable??! Secondly – ‘Now what?!’

On the UP SIDE – I have heard back from Oncologica who have 2 possible immunotherapy drug to try – One I have tried but gave me a skin reaction and infections so won’t be given that again. The problem is with the second drug is that it is for Ovarian Cancer and so if I am to get it, it will cost £10,000 a month to be paid privately as won’t be allowed it on the NHS… but I will look into this.

I am waiting to meet with my oncologist to discuss the results from the DNA testing and to see if this drug is the next best pathway. So once I know, I will let you know.

I’ve struggled massively the past week. I have had one small cry but have been numb otherwise. People asking me how I am feeling and all can say is, ‘I don’t know’. Because honestly, I have no idea how I feel, what’s going to happen, what’s the next best step to take? I don’t know and it’d daunting. But I will dust myself off soon. Just taking longer than I expected.

So apologise to everyone I haven’t replied to, called back, or updated yet but i’m working on it and appreciate your love and constant support.




Feeling good… let’s keep it this way!

I’m feeling good. I have just returned from a short break on the Norfolk Broads, sailing up and down the rivers, immersing myself in nature… Who am I?!

I’ve always considered myself a ‘Townie’. I liked to be in the hustle and bustle, noise, easy access to the bars, shops and great for people watching – one of my favourite things to do! (hmm, not done that for a while (note to self)). I liked to drink, party… I now realise it was to wash away the feelings I was having due to Cyril. I was in a dark place – no one understood the extreme tiredness, pain… it was like I was going nuts and had to accept this was ‘Normal’. That was hard. I couldn’t understand why people had hobbies, how they motivated themselves to do the things they enjoy, why people took time to look after themselves when they must feel as shit as me! It’s not a place I like to go to and I’m since my cancer – I have a new appreciation and outlook on life.

Cancer changed me.

I am not a Townie, I LOVE the countr!! (Amazing what you find out about yourself in times of self reflection hehe) – I assumed I would just dislike it as I have a stupid fear of spiders and that’s where they live! lol.  It started with my mum’s gardening. I found I was appreciating the flowers, interested in their names and mesmerised by the colours. Going on walks I find myself looking for new flowers or what’s hiding amongst the shrubs. A few short breaks away in the North (everywhere is North of me!) right in the middle of fresh fields, nature and peace and quiet, or sailing along the riverside seeing some of the most spectacular houses. I was rather envious!

I felt really present last week on the boat. It was definitely a break that was good for the soul. I didn’t think about Cyril, I had a good appetite (although I have had a run of bad luck with eating out! – I am desperate for a really good, can’t stop talking about it, meal!). I slept so well! think it was because I couldn’t use my phone as didn’t have reception or wifi. I couldn’t browse social media or do an online shopping spree so had to go straight to bed and sleep or read. It was lovely. Funny how as soon as I’m home, I’m back to old habits. I took photographs that I found therapeutic and occupied my mind. I’m continuing with that hobby.

Whilst on the Broads we had some lovely walks – something I want to start doing once a week here. I walk daily with my dog but I want to visit new places – maybe National Trust places, Now I’m a member! I also want to get fitter and stronger so am going to begin cycling and attend the park runs to get me active. It’s not about weight loss, but about keeping me strong and as healthy as I can be. They now say exercise should be prescribed for caner patients, so I’m self prescribing! I think Yoga will be good to strengthen my muscles, bouncing for stability and walking / cycling for cardio… I will need motivation guys! lol.

On a completely different note – I’ve struggled pretty badly with the loss of friends I have made on social media – our little cancer community. I want to talk about it as I find twitter and insta really helpful and I get so much from the wonderful followers. A few friends have been given the news that they are incurable – there is noting else that can be done, Off on your merry way! It’s heart breaking and soul destroying. This is my fear – what do I do if I have that conversation?! Social media is a double edge sword – It helps me when I have those panic moments and hurts me when these friends who have helped me, die from this devil disease. It’s a lottery this life – Live it well.

Finally – I just want to thank EVERYBODY who has donated and shared my Go Fund Me page. I have another week to wait for the results to see if there is an approved drug on the NHS that will destroy Cyril! I will keep you updated on that DNA testing.

I have my Scan this afternoon to see what is going on with Cyril. My tumour activity marker has risen, which means it’s active… however, Cyril doesn’t play the game and can rise, just because. Here’s hoping that’s the reason! I feel good in myself, tired, but nothing that’s concerning me, apart from the fact they want to scan me early. It’s a good thing – If this chemo drug is not working, I need to be on something that is. I have made a few plans for the week ahead to keep my mind occupied. Plus I’ll be off chemo so hopefully will have more energy!

If you would like to donate towards funding for treatment then please click the link below. Thank you! xx













Although I am broken, I am still breathing

I was watching ‘Keeping Faith’ the other day and had I heard this song… ‘Faith’s Song’. It has a beautiful sound and calming affect on me, yet the words resonate how I feel about Cancer….

The words, the feeling, the pain, the hope and everything in this song. It empowers me. I’m giving everything to LIVE and “Although I am broken, I am still breathing”.

Faith’s song – Amy Wedge

Gave you all that you needed
You cut but I’m bleeding
And all of my strength
That I give to you

I love completely
You lose then you leave me
And all of my hope
I left with you too

But I gave my heart
Whole, I did
I gave my heart
And although it’s lost
It is still beating
And I gave my whole
Soul, I did
I gave my soul
And although I’m broken
I am still breathing

I will sleep through the moments
All the moments you’ve stolen
All for my love
I’ll learn the truth

That I gave my heart
Whole, I did
I gave my heart
And although it’s lost
It is still beating
I gave my whole
Soul, I did
I gave my soul
And although I’m broken
I am still breathing

It’s been a very tough few weeks. I have had too many people die from cancer, too young, too soon. These people I have met online through Social Media and we talk to each other, we support each other and understand each other, the pain, the fear, the scanxiety. We hold each others hands through it. Most of us have never met in person, but we are a good community with different cancers and stages, mostly stage 4 and similar age to myself. So when my friends die, I am very saddened and a little piece of hope gets ripped away. BUT, then it’s like they are frowning down on me… telling me to pull myself together. I’m ALIVE, I”M LIVING! I have Cancer but it isn’t who I am. Everyone is different and no cancer is the same… “although I’m broken, I am still breathing” It’s a double edge sword on social media, but I couldn’t manage without them.

Since my hospital admission, I have finally started to recover, but now back on Chemo so will start to feel crap again. I’m on steroids for the pain in my liver. They suspect it’s the membrane around my liver becoming inflamed (that’s the only organ that has nerves!). I hate being on the steroids as I get very snappy and on edge. I guess I should say, others don’t like me on steroids! The plan is to stay on the tablets for a couple more cycles and then a scan.

Turns out the tumour on my liver is a stubborn little sod. Cyril is quite happy sitting there, for now, but there is concern he will wake up soon and decide to have a growth spurt. Now this is NOT HAPPENING. I still have the spots on my lung but the oncologist isn’t concerned… so guess Is needn’t be! yeh, right.

Now if thes drugs stop working, I’m up shits creek as there are no trials for Bowel cancer at the moment or effective treatment available. Now I’m dubious about this as I hear of all these other people having different therapies to treat their bowel cancer, yet mine wouldn’t be affective… Lottery postcode going on here I think. Pretty sure if I was up at the Marsden I would be getting newer, better treatment! It sucks that LIFE has a PRICE.

On that note, I want to wish everyone my most sincere thanks and love for your generous donations to my GOfundme account for future treatments. I have applied for the DNA testing and should hear something soon! I will keep you updated.

If you have a few moments, please take a look at my go fund me page and if you can donate anything, I will be forever grateful. I need to raise £100,000 for future treatments.


Much love x




I’m Back, stronger than ever

I’m back on my blog and rather than go over what has been, I’m starting fresh with what is. I think i’ve had writers block. lol

I’m now 15months with colorectal cancer mets to liver and now my lung. Bastard. However my most recent scan, last week showed that my tumour is stable and I shall continue on the capecitabine as it’s doing something. I was very happy with stable, but there’s always that niggle that it could be better but I’m learning to take the small victories as big achievements. Not entirely sure what I am doing myself to keep it stable, but the chemo probably doing most of the work.

I’ve been researching other treatments that could possible reduce the tumour on my liver and came across a company, Oncologica. The idea is they take your primary tumour and test on ALL cancer treatments available with your DNA and match you with a drug that a person who may have breast cancer is taking, but has the same x gene as you and test that drug on your tumour. At present I believe if you have bowel cancer, you only have a few drugs that you can use for bowel cancer and the same for other drugs and cancer.  That’s my take but have a look at the website: https://www.oncologica.com/oncofocus I have spoken with my oncologist about this and won’t go ahead without his referral but he seems game.

So apart from looking into anything to prolong my life, I’ve been hating this heat. Yes, shoot me down but nausea, tiredness, cramps, fatigue and lack of appetite is hell enough, let alone in 30 degrees with no escape from it. I’m loving the rain! I would stand out in it and dance right now if I was worried I’d catch a cold. lol

I’m still about the PMA – mu Macmillan nurse needs a kick up the backside and a lesson or 2 in it, but she’s getting better, or I’m better at letting it slide. My feet were burning from the chemo and so my oncologist gave me VitB6, high dose to help. It worked. However, My nurse was talking about lowering the dose etc…. my oncologist slapped that idea out her hands. Why does she feel the need to get involved in my positive outlook and fact that I want LIFE. It baffles me.

That has to be one of the hardest things I’ve find with cancer. Other people’s opinions and thinking they hold the answer to my diagnosis. Cancer is a lottery, like it or not. We can let it consume us and take over, or we can carry on living in hope. I would get so upset after seeing my Macmillan nurse when she would tell me it’s great I’m positive but should be realistic…. My oncologist believes my attitude is helping me, as do I. I’m not loopey, PMA isn’t going to cure me, but it gets me through the dark days. I just want to understand why people feel it necessary to try and make this a battle of minds! Why do I have to shout so loud to be heard? Why can’t people just take relief that I’m positive, I’m strong and I’m not living in LALA land, I just chose to not mope about the shit that has landed on my doorstep.

I am extremely lucky to have a very good strong network of friends, family and a great online social media following on Insta and twitter who are going through this same shit. For that I am eternally thankful. I’ve lost friends I’ve never met which has been extremely hard, but it’s a community of love and support for good and bad times. Get following! @thisismycrap (Insta)

Bit of a random first post for a while but felt good getting thoughts out my head and on to you all.

lots of love


A brief catch up

I seemed to have fast forwarded from my previous post in February to the post yesterday so I thought I would fill in the gaps for you. So make yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy…

I had been feeling pretty crappy in the build up to cycle 11 on 28th February, spiking temp and very tired and had a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that chemo wouldn’t go ahead.  I was right. My temperature was 38.4 on the day of chemo and I was sent straight to A&E where the put me on an IV trip and antibiotics. My temperature rose to 38.9 and I knew then that I wouldn’t be going home anytime soon. I’ve been in this situation too many times that I know the protocol on cancer patients.

I’d be staying for 7 days – or until the antibiotics end. They will scan my chest and look at my liver (or say they will). They’ll be baffled at where the infection is coming from and never find the origin – then send me home, until next time.

And that is pretty much what happened. I was put on the private ward as I have to be in a room on my own due to being neutropenic. After being in A&E for 7 hours and nearly being sent over to the sister hospital in Maidstone (I begged and pleaded for this not to happen! It’s a dive – I actually threatened to discharge myself if that was to happen! lol) Luckily a room came available and I was saved from being transferred. I was back on the ward where the nurses all know me and I feel weirdly at home there! There was an awkward moment when I was in A&E and the fit doctor, that I talk about in earlier posts from last year, was on the ward! – I had a fever and was a bit delirious and told my nurse all about him and my infatuation with him on my last visit. She told me it’s a very common thing! Phew! Thankfully I never saw him again this visit. (I wonder if he asked not to be on my ward?! hmmm).

So I had blood tests from my veins and port to make sure there were no infections (there weren’t). Chest scan to see if there was anything un-towards (there wasn’t), An ECG (all OK there). An Ultrasound to see how the liver was and it there was anything new (Nothing new but the lady doing the scan measured it and said it had shrunk by 1cm – we now know that wasn’t the case). But I have to say, I am super impressed by how thorough they were with me, I cannot fault the care I was given. I feel lucky that I was back on the ward where the nurses remember me and told me how refreshing they find me, which was nice! Most of the patients are old or rude or both.

I had a mini break down on the third day into my stay. I was fed up, frustrated, ANGRY! Why was I back in this situation? why can’t they find the source? why do I have to stay in hospital where I am more likely to get infection? Why can’t I have oral antibiotics? why why why why? And finally, not only do I have to deal with this s**t, I have to try and please people along the way!? It all became too much and I spent the day in tears! so much so that I put my FY2 doctor in a bit of a spin when he came to tell me I can’t go home….”please!!!! please let me go home. You said yourself you can’t find anything wrong, I’m stable! if you don’t let me home today, then I’ll be here ALL weekend as no one around to discharge me!” (don’t get me started on the weekends in hospital – all I can say is if you get sick – make sure it’s a Monday so if you have IV antibiotics, you can home on the Friday!) Remember I was in floods of tears at this point – like a blubbering 4 year old. I don’t think he could really understand what I said, bless him, he just looked a bot frightened and told me he will do all he can to try and get me home that day. He didn’t try hard enough.

I did become a bit of celeb in the hospital, especially on my ward! An interview I did with my local paper was published in the Friday paper, page three! oooooo-errrr! it was the first story when you opened the paper. They had a few pics of me with the main one of me looking out the window in contemplation (they asked for this – I was told not to smile). My brothers first comment when he saw the article was, “you look very cancery” hahahahaha.

So I was finally discharged on the Monday evening, I’d missed cycle 11 chemo and it was discussed with my macmillan nurse that we should stop chemo until after my scan and the results. They wouldn’t start chemo until 10 days after my discharge anyway which took me to the scan day anyway and they said it wouldn’t make a difference to the results. So I have not had a chemo cycle since Valentines day. It’s been weird as I am getting the side affects from the drugs – apparently they stick around for around 2 years and get worse before they get better. My joints have become very sore, I get numbness win my hands, body aches, mouth sores… It’s relentless.

So I was back home and happy, until the temperature started spiking again. I was sleeping non stop and felt very lethargic. But I was not going back to hospital. I had been given the all clear just 2 days ago – nothing could have changed in that time! I told myself that if I my temperature rose to 38.5, then I’d go back to A&E, but in the meantime, I would ride it out. After a couple of days I came on, heavily. (sorry guys). But my tiredness lessened, my temp dropped to normal and my energy levels rose. Mother f’ing nature.

Now here we are to the present day. Results show the tumour hasn’t shrunk on my liver and there a few more spots on my lung. Over the past few days I have become breathless but I did mention this to my oncologist who wasn’t too concerned and today it’s actually improved – could be anxiety, most likely it is anxiety. I’ve also been terribly bloated with sharp pains in my abdomen. This same thing happened in hospital and they gave me a suppository to put up the poop shoot… they gave me some to take home. I shall leave it there! (I’m feeling much less bloated).

I am seeing my oncologist this afternoon to discuss the next steps. I’ll keep you updated.

Love Ktx




Is this a wind up!

I’m angry. I’m angry for a number of reasons today:

  1. Rufus puked up yellow bile on my brand new Christy EGYPTIAN cotton, a billion thread count, bedsheet. I know, right!!! the cheek of him!!! I’ve never owned such luxury! why has no one ever told me of their existence – I know why, they don’t want to share the gloriousness of them, plus they cost a fortune (I got mine in the sale!). Anyway, back to Rufus… Thankfully the acid reflux that he bought up comes out in the wash and leaves them pristine once again. However, that’s not the point! My day started by taking off all my bedding, sheet protector and all, which also got stained, and having to do a load of washing.
  2. Rufus, yes, my beloved dog who was sick on my sheets not 5 mins before, did a giant s**t on the rug in the lounge. Normally he does small hard poos. Not today, he saved up a nice wet, slimy one just for me. I knew he had done the deed as he has a habit of wiping his feet after pooping! he rubs his hind legs on the carpet – its actually very funny to watch. The rug is soft, fluffy and a dark blush/rose Gold colour so had I not have caught Rufus wiping his feet, I can guarantee I would have stood in the stuff! So after loading the washing, I was on my hands and knees cleaning up s**t. Literally.
  3. Rufus, AGAIN! we had just left my lovely friend after a stroll in the park and we headed back in to the woodlands. Now I hate to admit this, but my dog is a racist. It’s not learnt from me! I have no idea why, but he tends to bark and chase certain types. Today was no different – I saw them coming my way and knew what was coming from Rufus. I had his treat ready to call him back, cheese, his favourite and can guarantee he’ll come running back to me when he gets a whiff. Not today. Today he chased this person down the footpath, barking and jumping up at them, growling. I’m standing shouting his name, calling out ‘cheese!’  like a total numpty, whilst he was busy harassing this innocent passer by.  Thankfully this person saw the funny side. I did not. I was close to leaving in the park and pretending I had nothing to do with him… but he pulls those puppy eyes and me and I’m putty in his hands.
    After I had managed to call him away from this passer by, I was getting the lead out to make sure he wasn’t going to be that again in a hurry, but he ran off and starting sniffing around a patch in the grass… those with dogs know what’s coming! – yes, he started rolling about in s**t. WTF. That was the last straw. ‘Right Rufus, we are going home and I am putting you in the bath! ha! you hate baths!’ That was his punishment. But noooooooo! when we were home and I popped him in the sink for his bath – his tail was wagging and he was good as gold. He LOVED it. And I fell in love with him again. Then the guilt came flooding in! – I’m sorry for being mad at you for being sick on my best sheets, for crapping on my beautiful rug, for chasing that passer by down the path. Damn it.
  4. Since starting this particular blog my Macmillan nurse called… I am now angry for the following reasons!
  5. I saw my oncologist yesterday and my tumour hasn’t shrunk or grown. It’s stable. This is good news, but not great news and not the news I was expecting, or it appears, what my oncologist was expecting! he decided that it’s best to take bloods to se what my CEA markers are doing – these measure the activity of the tumour. If they are the same or lower then in February, we will continue with the current chemo treatment. If they have risen, we will need a change of action… I had hoped they had stayed the same.
  6. Alas, they have risen. That was why the nurse called. My levels were at 54 in Feb and are now 144 (or there about). This means the tumour is active and could suggest growth if I continue on the current chemo drugs. So the plan is to meet with the oncologist on Monday to discuss the next treatment plan – most likely a different chemo drug.

So till then I must keep an eye on my body – I have become increasingly breathless which could indicate a clot. Great! So if that worsens or I get other symptoms it’s off to A&E again… makes cleaning up sick and s**t this morning the better part of my day!

I’ll be back – won’t leave it so long this time!


Alive, kicking and TIRED

Fear not, I am still alive and kicking… just in and out of a sleep coma since the New Year. I am SO TIRED all the time. Its relentless. I’m actually tired of telling people how tired I am. However, I will write about it, as that’s all I have for you guys.

Firstly, those of you who follow me on Instagram (ktwarrior_princess) will have seen my regular updates and know that in the middle of January I got to stay in my own ‘SUITE’ at the Savoy in London and see a show, courtesy of The Willow Foundation. They are an organisation who arrange special days for young adults under 40 with serious illnesses.

I took my sister with me and we had an amazing weekend. A double bed each in the master bedroom, a hallway to the living room and a beautiful bathroom all to ourselves. A polaroid camera was lent to us from the Beaufort bar to take pics as a keepsake which was extremely thoughtful. In a nutshell we had afternoon tea with rose Moet, unlimited supply! A fruit platter delivered to the room. A trip to the theatre to see ’42nd Street’ (Amazing and a must see), courtesy car back to the hotel and drinks on them in either the Beaufort or American Bar. We went Beaufort as was very Art Deco. My cocktail cost 195 (can’t find the pound sign!) and I could taste every penny! DELICIOUS. Then the best night sleep followed by Savoy breakfast that included full English, juices, teas, coffees, pastries and muffins!. We had a tour of the ballroom and then a courtesy car took us to the station. That’s a quick summary, so go to my Instagram page if you fancy seeing photos. It was one of the best couple days of my life.

It was after this trip that I got a cough. I caught it from the theatre and I know this as half the audience were coughing and spluttering. As I was immuno-compromised it was inevitable I was going to catch something.

As I began to feel better I went to see my pal for a PA session. He has been so supportive and helpful throughout this shitty time and I’m forever grateful Mr! So the plan is to get my strength back first with a few ‘simple’ exercises and gradually improve my posture, breathing and fitness ready for surgery. It’s going to be a LONG process! Not only because it turns out I have no balance! he made it look SO EASY! seriously, I should have filmed me, it would have made your day! hehe, but also cos I’m too friggin tired. I plan on going back to him, but with only a few days between chemo that I am OK, those days are now becoming less and filling up with tiredness. I need to push myself to go as I reckon it will actually give me more energy. I will go next week… if he’ll have me back!

So with tiredness come grumpiness and emotional breakdowns. I have cried more in the past week than I have since I was diagnosed and even then I didn’t cry… I cry at the mobile phone advert because I like the music (the name has gone from my head), I cried in the park when Harry Styles single came on the ‘radio’ (I never downloaded it myself, honest!), I cried when then English girl couldn’t go ahead with snowboarding due to injury in the Winter Olympics, I cried when my dog wouldn’t do a poo and it was freezing cold outside, I cried when I ran out of milk, I cried all through ‘The Tunnel’ series… its not even a tear jerker!, I cry at ‘loose women’ (mostly because I can’t believe this has become my life for now!), I cried when my eyebrows finally became a few hairs – I’m an egg head and I’m too tired to draw them in half the time! and most embarrassingly, I cried down the phone to Amazon because the delivery guy didn’t leave the parcel even though I had buzzed him in the door!!I mean hysterical sobbing people, not just a few tears, oh no, I had a melt down and the poor guy had to just listen to my sobs and occasional words I managed to get out in-between! Bet he thought I was ‘well precious’. I also cry for absolutely no reason what so ever!

But I have never cried because I have cancer.

Another side affect I struggle with at times is pain on my side and back – The side is my liver screaming out to me and the back is just sleeping weirdly. But the doctor kindly gives me Oxynorm that sorts me out. Now I blame my oncologist for this next part… Oxynorm also bungs you up and mellows you out so he suggested I take these instead of anti-drepessant as the chemo I’m on gives you terrible tummy. The anti-depresent is for the panic and anxiety I get pre chemo and scans. So I take oxynorm (an opioid) instead of the anti-depressants and they make me feel nice and chilled, sometimes I may take one because I’ve had a shit day but hey, gotta get my kicks somehow! I joke that if cancer doesn’t kill me, prescription drugs will! But hey, that’s the in thing, right?! hehe

On a different note, I saw my oncologists registrar today. Turns out Cyril has been playing up and my tumour marker has risen. Basically, those wth cancer have a CEA level that gets monitored through regular blood tests. 0 is a healthy human being, well non cancer person!). My highest has been 450ish and the lowest, which was in December when the scan showed the 3cm shrinkage, at 96. Today they said the last test on the 29th Jan showed it has risen to 115. Not a big leap, but enough to keep an eye on it. The aim is to see what the level is after today’s bloods and then go from there. Ultimately it means the cancer could be angry, a bit aggressive or just a blip. My levels tend to rise and fall, I’m known as ‘trouble’ in the unit as there is always something wrong! That name has followed me round my whole life! lol.

So I’ll find out Wednesday if they want to bring the next scan date forward. The pain I’m getting on my right side, my liver, suggests it may be worth doing this, but in all honesty, I’m scared. I’m scared it has grown, or spread, or multiplied. There’s a name for this fear within the cancer community’ and it’s called SCANXIETY and it’s  real thing! The fear before a scan cannot be explained, but it’s horrendous.

We also discussed my tiredness. I’m on 100% chemo, so I’m getting the full whack every cycle. Normally they start with 70% but because I’m young and otherwise healthy, they went in hard. I’m now coming up to cycle 10 and they suggested dropping the level to 80% which is normal at this stage as the chemo accumulates and hence the tiredness becomes  debilitating. However, I refused and will continue at 100%, I will plod on in my glazed over gaze and chemo fried brain, Cancer can FUCK RIGHT OFF.

And finally! I am organising an event to be held on Saturday 21st April (hopefully at Sankey’s but TBC) in Tunbridge Wells. It’s ‘The big fat CRAP event’ – Quiz, Raffle & auction with all the money going to Bowel Cancer UK ‘Never too Young’ campaign. Local businesses and traders have been extremely generous and donated their services for auction and raffle along with friends. I’ve been overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and support. Tickets will go on sale through eventbrite once the venue is confirmed. If anyone reading this has something or knows someone who could donate a raffle prize, something to auction like yoga sessions, beauty treatment, theatre tickets, Group paint balling session, other activities…) or offer a cash donation for the quiz winners, then please contact me: ktg_blake@yahoo.co.uk.

Right, I’m tired so off to bed.